Senior personal care services, also called private duty, help elders remain safe and independent while living an enriched life. These services save time, energy, and stress by allowing seniors to stay in their homes so they do not have to move to a more costly, less appealing environment like a nursing facility. 

Senior personal care services include companionship as well as help carrying out daily activities. These are the everyday tasks that people typically perform on their own, such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, and continence. But some elders need extra help with these activities, and these services can be offered with kindness and love. If your hands are full with an elderly loved one who needs assistance with certain daily activities, we can help. Our professional caregivers can offer relief to overworked caregivers who may be in need of a break.

Here are some of the services that we offer.

Grooming And Hygiene

Is your senior afraid of slipping in the bathtub? Does your senior have physical limitations that make bathing difficult? Don’t worry: our caregivers can assist. We strive to keep our clients looking and feeling their best by helping them complete their daily personal care routines. Regular hygiene and grooming can make an enormous positive difference for aging family members. We will ensure that their body looks great from head to toe to keep them feeling healthy and fresh.

Mobile Assistance

What better way can a senior maintain a high quality of life than by staying active in their golden years? Our caregivers help our clients remain active by helping them move from place to place safely and comfortably.

Transferring & Positioning

We aim to ensure that our clients feel comfortable moving from place to place around their homes. This may include getting into or out of a wheelchair, crossing a room, or changing positions while lying in bed. Our caregivers’ assistance reduces the risk of falls, injuries, muscle atrophy, and bedsores. It also enhances proper digestion and breathing to keep the senior feeling at their best. 

Toilet And Incontinence Care

Having served a significant number of clients, we have come to understand that toileting and incontinence care can be a sensitive issue for them. With proper help, seniors can avoid facing many challenging issues. We offer compassionate and dignified help with these highly personal aspects of everyday life.


As the seniors age, they need to follow a nutritious diet for vitality and well-being. In fact, most of them have prescribed meals which, if followed, can help them stay healthy and fit. Whether you need a caregiver to help you adhere to a special diet or follow proper nutrition, we can help. Meal times will become fun times to engage with seniors which aid in companionship. This kind of environment helps them relax and get proper nourishment.


Are you looking for personal care services for your senior? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’d like your elder to follow a special diet, have assistance carrying out personal hygiene routine, or you just want peace of mind knowing they can move around the house safely, we can help you achieve that. Call us today, and we will be glad to help your loved one.