At some point in their lives, most people find themselves facing difficult choices around the future of aging parents or family members.They must decide whether to place their loved ones in a nursing facility or seek the intervention of hospice care aides to provide end-of-life home care.

End of life care should be provided with kindness and compassion to ensure your loved ones feel a sense of value and belonging. They will feel much more comfortable in the familiar environment of their homes than the alien setting of a nursing home. Bringing this care into the home is a more positive experience for everyone and reduces the risk of traumatic experiences for both the loved one and the family. At Wisdom Senior Care , we know that helping elders live out their final days where they are already happy and comfortable is tremendously valuable for the families we serve.

Wisdom Senior Care’s non-medical hospice care is best for clients with a life expectancy of six months or less. This kind of care focuses on ensuring the peace and comfort of the patient in their transition times. Palliative care is a priority, which means a patient’s symptoms are first addressed rather than treating the underlying medical problems. This entails pain medication and emotional care. The emotional care is where Wisdom’s team excels. We know that prioritizing happiness and emotional wellbeing makes a difference: in addition to increasing clients’ quality of life, we’ve seen that some  clients live longer than expected under our care.

At Wisdom Senior Care , we prioritize family care. We aim to provide the highest quality care, with compassion and love, so that our clients can approach their last days with hope. We meet you where you are: in addition to providing in-home care, we can serve clients in residential communities, , retirement communities and assisted living locations. We provide our services in partnership with local hospice clinics and organizations to ensure you’ll have easy access to them.  We visit you and your loved one at your preferred location and offer complete personal care plans.

All our plans and hospice services are designed to address our clients' individual needs. Plans take into consideration the needs for things like for instance bathing, home care, mental stability, and other  aspects of daily living. Our team members are there for you 24 hours a day, all days of the week. When you need someone to talk to or lend a hand, we will always be there to assist you. We understand how overwhelming going through hospice is for the whole family.

For many years, the team at Wisdom Senior Care has ensured that every person on our team has undergone enough training to completely understand the needs of the family. Our professional caregivers love what they do, and they are completely dedicated to offering your family the help necessary to make your loved one’s final days as happy and comfortable as possible.

Hospice care is an approach that is family-centered and involves a team of experts, often including the hospice medical director, chaplains, the patient’s physician, counselors, hospice-trained volunteers, home health aides, and social workers. Wisdom Senior Care can be part of that team. Our experts focus on the patient's needs as well as their family's needs, including emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Contact us TODAY if your family is considering  hospice care in Raleigh for a loved one.