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Our History

A Lifelong Passion for Senior Care

Carolyn Thurston’s passion for senior care started when she was a young girl. Her family  frequently traveled while her father served in the United States Air Force, exposing her to many different cultures and ways of life. What stood out to her most was the way seniors were treated in cultures outside of America. They were viewed as cornerstones of the family, honored as pillars of wisdom for children and grandchildren to learn from. It was a sharp contrast to the “American Way,” where seniors were sent away to a nursing facility when they could no longer live independently. In these new environments, seniors often lived out their final years feeling isolated and unwanted. Carolyn wanted to help elders live happier, longer lives but wasn’t sure how to make a difference.

At Wisdom


By high school, Carolyn knew that her calling was to be a nurse. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. This combination opened the path to a career in the home health field. She worked at a number of different home health agencies, honing her skills and helping them grow. But Carolyn dreamed of transforming the culture of senior care across the nation. Truly fulfilling her calling in life required a different path.

In 2005, she founded Wisdom Senior Care, choosing a name that reflected her goal of keeping the wisdom of elders at home. By providing respite care, geriatric care, home management, companionship, and other services, Wisdom’s caregivers helped seniors continue living where they were already comfortable and happy. Team members treated each client like a member of their own family: with kindness, compassion, and love.

Growing the Wisdom Family

To fulfill their newfound passion in senior care, Mel and Crystal had to complete training in North Carolina. When researching providers of the training, the name “Wisdom” stood out to them, and people in their circles shared positive experiences with the organization.  

They were impressed by the way  the team at Wisdom Health Academy conducted the training: their honesty, sincerity, openness, and unmistakable passion for helping seniors live their best lives at home. After learning that  Wisdom Health Academy offered options in home care, it made sense to partner with them to advance their common goal of serving seniors.

Accessibility and involvement. Wisdom Senior Care’s team is highly involved in every aspect of the franchise, and they’re always ready to help. They don’t just hand franchisees a manual and disappear—they want everyone on the team to succeed.

Why We Chose Wisdom / The Experience with Wisdom

The team approach to caregiving. Having different caregivers helps prevent clients from becoming too attached to one aid, so transition is easier. All caregivers at Wisdom Senior Care work as a team to serve clients. The close-knit culture makes clients and aids alike feel like they’re a part of the family. 

Effective systems and structures. The scheduling system not only tracks appointments but also provides documentation, noting which practices were most effective with previous caregivers so everyone can provide the best care possible. The system also lets clients know which caregiver is coming, complete with a picture of what they look like, which makes the process smooth and client-friendly. 

Established expertise. Wisdom Senior Care already knew what worked and what didn’t. They had years of experience training caregivers and helping them launch successful senior care businesses. Their extensive training on the franchising process was extremely helpful, preventing confusion and letting us get started the right way from the beginning.