Carolyn Thurston

President & CEO

Servicing others was instilled in Carolyn Thurston, Wisdom Senior Care founder, as a young child through her father who served in the military. Already as a young girl, her interest in service was oriented toward seniors.

Following her father all over the world, she was a natural server of seniors. With that youth passion, she grew up studying in health care and sociology. She graduated with honor from Winston Salem State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

After 20 years of helping seniors in the Triangle area, she started Wisdom Senior Care in 2006.

Since 2006, with the support of her team, she grew Wisdom with the mission to keep more of our seniors happy at home and change the perception of aging.  

We enjoyed learning and being around the senior population. We choose to help and support our elderly community who wants to leave in the comfort of their own homes. We have been part of the solution to provide an environment where the seniors could still feel valued.

All those years of experience with seniors are being shared throughout our organization.


ALL seniors no matter what their background is, are a source of wisdom. The wisdom that comes from years of life journey. An African Proverb says, when a senior dies, it is a whole library of Wisdom and knowledge that is gone. Our communities can still benefit from their wisdom.

For us keeping wisdom at home, is on the one hand about allowing them to live happily in the comfort of their homes. On the second hand, making the right decision to choose the right partner to assist them.

It allows them to keep enjoying the aging process and to share their wisdom in a family setting. To learn from them and better prepare generations to come about reaching their ages in life journey. As a result, we give them the opportunity to impact our societies happily and to bring joy to those of them with special needs.

We choose to keep wisdom at home by sharing our experiences, successes with like-minded and compassionate individuals. We firmly believe doing more by sharing. Our core values are around our faith in sharing. For us, it is not a race to be any leading company but a journey for more happy seniors. We prone more to the quality of the sharing than the number of shares around the industry.



Wisdom Senior Care journey through our founder taught us a lot about seniors. Training more than 250 senior home care providers, have proven us that we can help more with our core values and mission. We focus more on the quality of our network of Wisdom Business Owners through our franchise. We are aiming to build a network of dependable and trustworthy providers. Core values are what we took time at Wisdom Senior Care to develop over the years. Giving and sharing is what solidify our organization.

Talk to any friends or family you have who may be in charge of the care of an aging relative and learn precisely what kinds of challenges they face every day. Learn what obstacles they have encountered on their search for a trustworthy provider of home care. Are they struggling to prepare meals or keep their house in order? Are they looking for people who can help provide companionship or accompany them on outings? As you have these conversations, we hope you will learn the myriad of possibilities that await you and your business with Wisdom Senior Care