Cultivate world-class leaders with a combined 150+ years professional experience in Wisdom mission.

Carolyn Thurston

CEO / Founder

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Carolyn Thurston founded Wisdom Senior Care in 2005. She’s led our company in serving over 500 seniors in North Carolina and has trained over 300 senior care agency owners on regulations and procedures. And,most recently, her work has earned her a position on the International Franchise Board of Directors. After graduating with both a BA in sociology and BSN in nursing, she entered the field of home health, helping home care agencies grow until she decided it was time to open her own. Because of her successful management, in 2009, the state of North Carolina selected her as one of the lead trainers for all new home care agency owners. Through this role, she trained over 300 potential business owners as they got started in the industry. As she grew her agency, she faced difficulty recruiting enough qualified caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). So in 2012, she launched a new business: the Wisdom Health Academy, where they provide quality training to future aides, caregivers, and CNAs. By sharing her passion for seniors with the family of Wisdom business owners, she believes we can serve more seniors in the comfort of their homes. Carolyn Thurston is happily married and blessed with two daughters who are following in her footsteps in the industry of home care.

Charles Thurston


When we first started out, Charles served as our COO and VP of Sales, helping us bring in new clients and establish both processes and operations to poise Wisdom for growth. Today, he leads our operations and sales on a much larger scale, guiding the direction of Wisdom’s national growth. He leads the onboarding and mentoring of new agency owners, and he leads the expansion strategy into new territories. Before working with us, Charles paired his passion for personal growth with his business degree, spending over 30 years in an advisory role to hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe. He shares the same dedication to helping people as his wife Carolyn and extends that to every new business owner who joins the Wisdom family.

Jason Schneider

Corporate Legal Consultant

As both a CPA and attorney, Jason’s brings his combined experience in financial, tax, and legal matters to our team. Jason regularly counsels on the tax and legal aspects of our business model, as well as the business network of owners, legal, and tax issues relating to global business expansion and cross-border transactions. He assists with strategic planning initiatives, corporate governance, federal and state regulation, and corporate finances. Before partnering with us, Jason was a tax consultant with Ernst & Young in Miami, and he practiced law with several law firms in the Raleigh, NC area, and was a partner with Schottenstein Zox & Dunn. Jason received his J.D., with honors, from the University of Florida College of Law and received his Master of Science in Taxation and his B.B.A. from the University of Miami. Jason is also currently a partner with Schneider Law Group; a business boutique law firm focused on M&A, securities, and tax strategy.

Lisa Schneider

Corporate Governance Consultant

Lisa has extensive experience with international legal matters including employment-based immigration and foreign investment in U.S. business operations. She’s served as General Counsel and Director of Corporate Governance for the North Carolina State Treasurer’s office, and as Assistant Attorney General in DOJ’s environmental division. Lisa received her J.D. from Tulane University, and is a member of both the North Carolina and Florida State Bars. She is the managing partner of Schneider Law Group and an accomplished corporate governance expert bringing over a dozen years of legal and policy experience in corporate governance, and institutional engagement with public companies.

Achille B. Kombat

Business Development & Performance

As the Business Development & Performance Coordinator for Wisdom, Achille brings insights from over 15 years of international business growth experience to our team. Achille oversees the financial performance of the Wisdom Corporation, helping to guide our growth strategy. But, he also deeply understands that we are only as strong as the sum of our franchises. With that vision, he advises new owners as they establish their individual plans for growth. New owners often turn to him for guidance on growth, mindset, and financial performance. Achille’s credentials of an MBA in International Business & Finance paired with a philosophy of mutual accountability and prosperity offer Wisdom leadership and new owners a unique plumbline to keep our businesses pointing true north.

Christopher McMullan

VP Marketing

Chris brings over 26 years of marketing experience to our team as he leads our digital strategy, reputation management, brand direction, and our IT team. Before bringing his talents to Wisdom, he’s served a variety of roles that have honed his instincts for marketing growth. He’s managed technical programs, serving Fortune 100 companies, traveled extensively across Asia, and added $20M to division profits through strategic expansion for Intel. He’s led account management, engineering development, and merger and acquisition integrations. As an entrepreneur himself, he helps guide our business owners in understanding how to apply and maximize our brand name, establish their digital presence, and grow their marketing strategy.

Christanie Jones

Executive Administrator

Christanie Jones has over 20 years of experience working in Business Administration & Management. She specializes in corporate communications, strategic planning, executive training, event planning and community affairs. In addition to joining Wisdom Senior Care, Christanie has worked with hundreds of small businesses, churches and entrepreneurs in an administrative consulting capacity for the past two decades. She has accumulated accolades for her work ethic, unparalleled management skills and delivering incredible service.

Sharon Yaffey

Registered Nurse Supervisor

She is from Greensboro NC, and she has been a North Carolina Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She currently lives in Cary NC. Her nursing career has included employment in hospital medical/surgical units, home healthcare settings, medical offices, inpatient behavioral health settings, and in medical utilization review settings. This has enabled her to view healthcare from many different perspectives. Having cared for seniors in healthcare settings and for her own family, she can say that she definitely has a heart for the senior population. She believes healthcare for all, seniors included, should address all aspects of health and well-being. She is impressed with the quality of care that Wisdom Senior Care provides and she looks forward to being part of Wisdom Senior Care’s continued growth.

Angela Taylor

Chaplaincy Officer

Angela has been pouring herself to insure that Wisdom scheduling works smoothly for our clients and caregivers. With her team, she coordinates, allocates the right caregivers to our clients’ needs. The fit with clients’ personality and caregivers is all covered by Angela and her team at Wisdom. She coaches in this process her team and caregivers. She puts her chaplaincy gifts to serve our caregivers.

Ichane Tchadjobo

Lead Programmer

Development of digital and software solutions for sustainable business growth

Dorothy Walker

Admin Assistant

Dorothy is the masterpiece in coordinating office operations and administrative tasks in Wisdom Senior Care. She plays a key role in building office processes, supporting the Agency Director and interacting with caregivers. She puts her skills to work for Wisdom and assist in preparing events in the community, organizing special events for our caregivers. She facilitates the integration of Wisdom standards in the staff daily responsibilities. She supports interviews, orientation ad precepts when needed. She is in charge of developing programs and events for Wisdom public exposure. Her support to our office operations makes her the go to person for all our team members. She spent her time out of Wisdom cooking special dishes for the homeless.

Tara Gettman

Communications & Media Specialist

Tara Gettman is a strategic communication expert who helps companies find a brand voice and tell their stories. She is a former TV news anchor who has worked in public relations and marketing for everything from K-12 school districts to technology firms. Tara is a graduate of Boston University with a Master's in Strategic Communication from the University of Iowa. Senior care is very personal to her, as she lost her father to Lewy Body dementia after a year-long struggle of him needing in-home support.

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