Even though we had no experience at all in the home care business, we were able to pursue it. That's the reason why the franchise is so wonderful and why Carolyn and Charles are so wonderful in helping us step by step, like getting our first license. Without them, it would have been a terrible process, but with them and their support we were able to get it all done and set-up in no time.

Philip Tan
Franchise Owner in Cary, NC


What our Franchise Owner's say !

I don't feel like they're my boss and that's what is important, you feel more like a team. Because in my mind I'm already boss at my other company, so it makes it easier. I like the fact that we're equal across the board. They respect us and we respect them-it's like, "We are a team and we need to get this done as a team."

Sherrell Vincent

Franchise Owner in Greensboro, NC
This is another avenue in helping the community and giving a commitment of faith and love and being able to go help someone or see someone, just to give them some type of bond and ensure them that people still love them and care about them.
I can explain it this way. Wisdom is committed to me, so that motivated me to be committed. They were committed to my team and my success, so that helped me do the same for my clients. Let me give you an example. We are serving a lady right now, and she had to go to the hospital. They were deciding whether they were gonna keep her or not, and she said"/ want to go back with Wisdom, they take better care of me than you do here." That's the team concept we have created. They served her and cared for her and she realized that.
We were asked to come in and assist a team, we had a client who was failing in her health, we knew she had Parkinson's disease which was deteriorating her abilities very rapidly. I remember getting ready to leave one day and I said "Thank you for allowing me to come." She could only mouth it and she put her hand over her heart and said "Thank you" and then she reached out and said "I love you" and those are moments that you just can't describe to people. You just can't describe it. You have to be there, you have to understand where they are, what's happening in their whole family dynamics. So that's what I look back on when I'm having one of those days, it reminds me that I make a difference and did in that life. It's been kind of that way whenever things aren't going to well, a client will come along and say "thank you for being here" and it may seem very insignificant to some people, but when you understand what you have to go through to help people,just one statement like that can make your day.
I think you get so much when you become a franchise with Wisdom. I'm not an expert with franchising, but I feel like other franchises like restaurants are missing things because the people that are in those places are not very customer service oriented, and I think with Wisdom they give a fine line from the beginning to the end of what's to be expected when it comes to what they need from you and what you're gonna get from them. Overall, the biggest piece is the support you get. I don't know if other franchises give as much support, but I can say with Wisdom they are really there to support you from beginning to end down to getting your first client. They don't ever leave you in the dark is what I would say. They don't just say here you go, we'll take your money, you're out and on your own. We try to do everything together.

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