When you franchise with us, you directly improve the lives of seniors right in your own community !

  • Everything they do is with such kindness and caring. The whole team follows the same pattern and it's very very successful as far as I'm concerned.
    Magaret Siefert Chapel Hill, NC client
About 3 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with ALS, and our life changed dramatically at that point. After a year of trying, we realized we needed more help than we could provide. Wisdom Senior Care had a great reputation, and we found their care to be very agreeable, successful, and we haven't been the least bit sorry.

Barbara Hardin

Chapel Hill Client
I like the process you have, helping me get dressed, getting my breakfast-little things like that. And some days I help-1 might want something else different, and I fix it up with them. I don't know what I would do without them.

Inez Rogers

Durham, NC Client
In the past, I have used several agencies to provide care for my mother. Currently, I am using Wisdom Care Cary and they surpass all of these other agencies a million times over. Philip and Winnie have such compassion for my mother and her care. They treat her as if she was part of their own familly ! Also, they provide a very professional service with great comunication to me and my mother. They always make sure to find the perfect fit for the sitter who fits my mother' lifestyle and personality. Winnie is incredible with her training of the sitters. They hirevery responsible and caring sitters. If you choose Wisdom Senior Care for help with your eldery loved ones, you wil never be disappointed !!

Twyla Fendler

Cary Franchise Client
Having Wisdom caregivers there, knowing that the are there to help my mom -giving her breakfast, giving her medication- Wisdom has enable me to have peace of mind, and that is something you just can't pay for. The caregivers that they send come around 9 o'clock in the morning, and they give her breakfast, they give give her a bath, and they give her medication. My mom loves the caregivers that come to the house and work with her. She's made friends with them, they sit and talk to each other. Having some socialization is really important to her at 94 year old. I just know that when I get up in the morning and I can hear her talking with one of the caregivers, I have peace.

Carol Smal Daugther

This sounds like the kind of business I want to join