Maybe you've had a parent who needed care, maybe you've seen friends struggle with the decision of how to help their parents manage their health as they age. Whatever your "why," here's a little about ours


But that's exactly how I felt toward a career in nursing and helping the elderly.

My interest in caring for seniors helping them live with dignity budded out of my childhood, traveling the world with my parents. My father served in the United States Air Force, and through his assignments, I experienced different cultures with unique approaches to values of discipline, determination, and persistence. But what really imprinted on me was how non-American cultures treated and revered their senior loved ones.

So when I went to university, dual degrees in both sociology and a B.S. in Nursing was a natural choice, opening my path to a career in home care. I developed my foundation, helping grow several home care agencies until December 2005, when I finally took the first steps towards my long-held dream of opening my own agency. Any entrepreneur will tell you that you learn more from failures than successes.

The early years of building my business were among the most challenging of my life. Failed partnerships and legal battles nearly drove my business to closing, but my dedication to the senior community, my faith, and the loving support of my husband Charles and my staff kept me going. I discovered a strength I never knew I had. And despite the hardships and the joy of giving birth to two daughters, we grew. Despite the fight to rebuild my business, the North Carolina Division Of Health Services Regulations approached me to become one of their lead trainers for new home care business owners. They recognized that I was running one of the only agencies meeting their regulatory standards, and they turned to me to design the class for all new agency owners.

As I grew Wisdom Senior Care, I kept running into the same problem: there just weren’t enough qualified caregivers who could meet the standards that I set for what seniors really needed. That's when, in 2012, I launched a new independent venture: the Wisdom Health Academy. Today, this academy has grown to provide quality in-person and virtual training to future aides, caregivers, and CNAs from all across the country.

This is why you can trust Wisdom Senior Care as your franchisor. My team and I have crossed the difficult terrain. We already know the best path to building a successful home care agency, because we've tried them all—the quick and the terrible. We've gone through the hardships, and we've come out stronger. So when you franchise with us, you get all of our experience, our strategic and marketing partners, and the resources for a successful venture.

Carolyn Thurston CEO, Wisdom Senior Care

When I think about the leadership and the business team... they have been phenomenal in helping me understand how to pursue this journey. They have really helped me understand how to get the business out to  the public and make sure that we have the right platform for our audience. Anytime I needed something, I knew I could reach out and get help.   

That's my why, too.